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Do you have a sweet tooth?

One of the items we get asked for a lot is our sweet trolley.  It is a lovely thing decorated with beautiful butterflies, and loaded with sweet goodies.  If you ask us for it we will ask you what sort of sweets you would like to go with it.  So far we have been able to supply everything we have been asked for, even pink chocolate mice! 

We head off to our local cash and carry and go through their selection of sweets, looking for the ones that remind folk of their childhood,  jazz drops, jelly babies, flying saucers and so on.

We will always supply enough sweets for ALL your guests, and any that are left over at the end of the day are yours to keep, as much as my sweet tooth says “No you can’t”

We supply bags for your guests to put their sweets in as well as old fashioned jars, tongs and scoops to make it easy for you and your guests to take the ones they want.

Obviously, some sweets have nuts in their content, and if asked we will do our absolute best to take account of any allergies, and we will place warning signs with the sweets, but it is something we cannot guarantee, so if you do book this, we will advise you of this on booking.  We would ask you to advise your guests.

We have supplied the following sweets to weddings and christenings, we would love to do the same for you.

ü  Jelly Babies

ü  Gummy Bears

ü  Flying Saucers

ü  Fruit Pastilles

ü  Love Hearts

ü  Chocolate Peanuts

ü  Chocolate Raisins

ü  Milk Chocolate Jazz Drops

ü  White Chocolate Jazz Drops

ü  Foam Bananas

ü  Foam Shrimps

ü  Chocolate eggs

ü  White and Pink Chocolate mice.

It is hard for me to say which is my favourite, I love them all, as my family and friends know, but there are loads to choose from, and we can get all sorts (Liquorice! See what I did there) of others, so if you would like us to sweeten up your big day, please get in touch via this link and we can help you.    


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