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The "One Stop Wedding Shop"

I was reading the results of the National Wedding Survey this week, and some of it made quite scary reading. The survey showed that 47% of couples went over budget at their wedding, and having recently got married myself, I can quite see how easy that is. The survey also found that couples were hiring 10 vendors for their wedding.

Best-Dressed-Events has been set up to cut right through all that. We are aiming to be a “One Stop Shop for all things wedding.” No more searching, no more advertising, “ Does anyone know a good….?” Because we do! Our prices have deliberately been set lower than the norm and all our associates have signed up to do the same. When I got married my venue recommended a photographer who “only charged £2,500 for the day.” Really? Ours was about a third of that cost and did an amazing job.

All our associates are under the one roof, call Best-Dressed-Events and we can put you in touch with some great, affordable, suppliers who will do an amazing job for you. Tell us what you want, sit back and we will organise it for you. That way you can enjoy the planning and the day too.

Give the Best-Dressed-Events office a ring and ask, we will be able to help.

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