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Business is really taking off!

Having overcome some technical difficulties (The web site started to tell me I did not have the authority to put things up on the Blog) it is great to report that business is really taking off. In the last two weeks we have been asked to do a wedding down in Hampshire, and a Baby Shower in Esher.

Next week we have two meetings with couples who have indicated that they would like us to make their special day look its very best. We are really excited with this work coming in.


It is also great to report that we now have two excellent event planners on board, Charlotte and Marie bring to Best-Dressed-Events a whole wealth of planning and understanding and delivering peoples needs.There is no doubt that for some folk the wedding day can be the best day of their lives.Mine was! For others it can be really stressful.


Let us take all the pressure off and guide you gently to give you a truly wonderful experience you will remember for the rest of your days.

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