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Lovely things to put the WOW into your party.

I think it is difficult to visualise some of the lovely things we can bring to your wedding/party. We have a great selection of table decorations we can bring for you.  To start with it is a “PICK and MIX” arrangement, so you pick and choose.  To start with you will need a base, so you can choose one from either a 12 inch mirror plate, or a beautiful circular wooden base, with the trunk around the outside and the age rings beautifully visible.

Your second choice is either a goldfish bowl, three vases of different heights, a silk flower filled Birdcage, a three stemmed giant candelabra, a Martini glass or a lantern.

You can choose one of these to stand on the base you chose!  Now how do you want to decorate this?  The third choice is LED Fairy lights, Glass beads of different colours, Silk flowers, Tea lights (Battery) Pillar candles (Battery) Floating Candles of floating seasonal flower heads. The really great news is that you can choose any three of these!

You can get all this for just £15.00 per table. Not a lot to pay for something that will make your event stand out from the crowd.               

Large Candelabra Silk Flower Birdcage

Just two of the items you can choose from. The Birdcage has four slots for "T" lights which look great too. Imagine fairy lights dancing up and down on them, beautiful. The large candelabra holds 5 candles, which for health and safety reasons will be battery operated.

If you would like to make your wedding/party look amazing follow this link to our contact us page, and we will be right back.

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