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That's all very fine, much will it all cost?

How much does it cost to make a venue look amazing for your BIG day. To start, there are some venues that just look amazing right from the get go. Rivervale Barn is one of those! But even a wonderful venue like that can be personalised to suit your individual style.  Lanterns, Candlesticks, Signs, so many options.  How do you know what you can get for your money?

We now have a price list available for you to download and make your choices. Apart from the individual items all listed for you, there are three excellent packages available for you to choose.  Two of the offers give clients a significant saving on groups of 60 or 80 people. They include chair covers and sashes, table centre pieces, runners, signs and for the 80 guest package a £30 discount on the Sweet Cart.

If there are things you want for your event, but can't see on our price list, please give us a call, we work with other businesses and are always adding to our stock, so if we don't have it, we will get it for you.

We also offer a great package on central table decorations. 

It works in a “Pick n Mix” way. 

To start with, what sort of base would you like, a beautiful log slice, or a lovely round mirror. Once you have made your mind up, you choose one of the main decoration.  Your choice is a Goldfish bowl, Glass vases of three different heights, A birdcage filled with silk flowers, a lantern, large three stemmed candelabra with candles, or a martini glass. A difficult choice, but you can only choose one of them.  Finally you can have any three of the small decorations, LED fairy lights, Glass beads of various colours, Silk flowers, pillar or floating candles, and floating seasonal flower heads.

There are some great items for you to choose from, and we are so confident about our prices, we have published them for you to see. When you are checking against other companies see how many others are that open.

If you would like Best-Dressed-Events to help with your BIG day please get in touch, use the contact up page on our web-site and we will get right back to you.              

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