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Well what a week we are having!

Well, what a week we are having, here at Best-Dressed-Events. We have set up our Photo-booth, so we can see it in all its glory, and I think it looks great, what do you think?

We have added two more great kid's games to our collection, one is a giant piano keyboard, the second a big Snakes and Ladders. They will go nicely with the giant Noughts and Crosses, the big Dominos, and the Deck Quoits that we already for the kids to play on outdoors. They are all intended to go with the beautiful lace wig-wam with soft cushions, soft toys and colouring books and pens for the really little ones. we have.

Add to that, our latest addition, a chocolate fountain, which together with our beautiful, sweet cart means we have defiantly catered for your guests with a sweet tooth.

If you would like us to bring any of these to your event, please head to our contact us page, and we will get right back to you.

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