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"WOW that looks amazing!"

One of the easiest ways to make your wedding breakfast, or event look really great is to use seat covers.  Here at Best-Dressed-Events we have lots of them. White, Grey, Black and Cream.

Cream Seat Cover

To go with that we have enough different coloured sashes to make a wonderful rainbow, or your little girl’s favourite colour right across the room.  Are you planning a Baby Shower, we can do Pink or Blue. What are the colours in your company logo, we can do them too.  Some of our sashes are beautifully embroidered, while some are a truly rustic, sacking style. 

In all honesty it matters not, if you ask for it, I am sure somewhere in our store we have just what you are looking for, so go ahead, ask, we will be delighted to help make your party, or wedding breakfast the type of event people will say “Wow that looks great!” when they arrive.


Black  Seat Cover                  

Grey Seat Cover   

White Seat Cover  

We charge only £1.75p for each seat cover with one sash.  We are confident you will not be able to match that price anywhere.  Please give us a call 01276 512 027 or use the contact us page on the Best-Dressed-Events web site and we will be really happy to make your party a real wow event.                             

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